9 Best and Helpful First Date Tips For Men

First Date tips for Men

First Date Tips For Men

We all have gone through this phase at least once in our life, “First Date”. First date can be like walking on a tightrope with hot-burning fire beneath you, isn’t it? You try your best to impress her and set a good image in her thoughts. Sometimes, you try to impress her with your funny jokes while sometimes you try to dazzle her with your new perfume or suit. I think I speak for more than half of the men when I say “We screw up on our first dates.” We make various mistakes on our first dates which denies us from getting a second and third date. In this article, we have highlighted some factors that turn off the mood for women and how we can avoid making first date mistakes. Now, let’s dig in to 9 Best First Date Tips for men.

1. Admitting that you are nervous

Honesty is essential for any relationship and it will be good if you honestly admit that you are nervous on your first date. Trying to act cool may or not may not work in your favor. If your date finds it good that you are trying to remain calm in spite of feeling all nervous, then “bingo”. But what if she does not like it? You will not get a second date or anything more. Even your first date might not be complete.

First date tips for Men

After you admit that you are nervous being your first date, you can openly talk to her and express who you are. She will also like your honesty and will want to maintain flow of communication. Obviously, you are still likely to make other mistakes during the entire first date, but admitting nervousness can make you get away from those mistakes.

2. Do Not Get Touchy

This is a mistake that many guys do in their first date. They think that constantly touching her shows that you are interested in her. But, many girls do not like it when guys keep touching them. Rather, it makes a negative impression on her that you are a guy who can’t keep his hands to himself. We wouldn’t want that would we?

A handshake and friendly hug will be fine at the first. You could hold her hand while escorting her out of the car or hold her lower back while helping her walk through a crowded place. But don’t get too touchy with her. If the date goes well and it starts to get romantic, you could hold her hands. But that depends on how you are playing along in the date as well.

3. Don’t Look Cheap

Pay the first date bill | First date tips for Men

I don’t mean that you should spend a whole lot of money on her on the first date here. Ha Ha!

I am not a big fan of “Men should pay the bill” thingy, but try to pay the bill on the first date. Let me share you one of my trump cards to a second date. I never let my date pay the bill on the first date. Obviously, she will want to pay her share of the food and when she insists I tell that the second date would be on her. This does not make me look cheap and chances also grow for a second date.

If you are short on budget, then you can choose the place yourself where you know the prices and will be affordable.

4. Make it a Two-Way Communication

Conversations should be two-way. You don’t want to be going on and on about yourself through the entire date. Ask her interesting questions and try to make the conversation back and forth. Give attention to what she says and express your opinion well. Do not try to make her feel competition as well. I mean that do not try to “One up” with her. If she mentioned going on a trip to somewhere, do not say that you have already been there multiple times and how boring the pace is for you. Rather talk about the beauty of that place and the things you admire about it.

There are a few things that you DO NOT ask a woman. Her height, weight, age and salary. They may act cool talking about it but seriously, don’t talk about it.

5. Avoid talking about past relationships

Still Missing ex | First date tips for men

You are going to start a new relationship with her in the days to come and talking about the past will be the worst way to start. Yes, accepting each other’s past is essential but do you really want to take the risk of talking about the past on the very first date? I would not.

Talking about past will only bring back the bad memories that she or even you have not been able to recover fully from.

6. Handle your Drinks

Guys as well as girls tend to drink more when they are nervous. So, you should take control of how much you drink on your first date. Getting drunk and talking a lot of nonsense will totally kill off any chance of meeting this girl again.

People tend to talk big and heavy stuffs when they get drunk. Or even when not drunk sometimes. I suggest you to avoid that. Talk normal things about each other. After all, the night is all about you two. Why should anyone bring other external things, isn’t it?

Not getting drunk will also refrain you from getting weepy and talking about dark and negative stuff about yourself which you should be talking about in the fifth or sixth date only.

7. Don’t Lie

Lying on the first date simply means that you building a weak base for your relationship. A relationship based on lies cannot last long and will break as soon as the going gets tough. You could say you don’t want to discuss about a certain topic right now to someone. But make her feel comforted that you will share them with her in the days to come. Getting mysterious may also work in your favour as she may find you quite interesting and want to meet you again soon.

8. Dress and Look Well

Dress up well | First date tips for men

This is one of the most important things to take care of. Most guys can look decent if they invest in a good haircut and beard and dress well. Reach on time and go clean and tidy. You (Men) don’t have to work as hard as her to look good. But don’t miss the basics: showering, shaving and spritzing some cologne or perfume. Pick a good set of clothes to wear that complements your personality.

9. Do Not Talk about the next date so soon

You are on your first date and everything looks good. You have having a wonderful conversation with her and suddenly, you look so clingy and needy. What have you done? You talked about the next date all so sudden and direct.

There are ways to trick her into a second date but that works 50-50. It will be good if you wait until the end of the date to ask her out again or call her another day to fix a second date. You can also use my idea mentioned above as well. Yeah-You are welcome mate!